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Flowers Forever by Bex Partridge

Flowers Forever by Bex Partridge

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From the author of Everlastings comes Flowers Forever—a book that will inspire you to create beautiful floral displays with long lasting, dried flowers.

Sharing practical advice on how to grow, harvest, and dry your flowers, Bex Partridge then illustrates how to transform them into 11 stunning creations. Featuring a fascinating flower cloud, breath-taking table display and Bex's much-loved wreaths, each installation celebrates the ethereal beauty of dried flowers.

The book includes a generous section on flower identification, highlighting how they change in appearance from fresh to dried and which varieties lend themselves better to the different types of displays.

Through her work, Bex seeks to inspire change through the lens of sustainability, encouraging you to source your blooms locally, to minimize waste and to use natural products.

Filled with stunning photography and helpful guidance, Flowers Forever connects you to the natural world, providing you with the tools you need to keep your home filled with made-to-late dried floral arrangements all year long.

Hardcover. 224 pages.

Language: English.

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