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Scatter Garden Seeds - Butterfly

Scatter Garden Seeds - Butterfly

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Bring the beauty of nature to your outdoor space with this collection of vibrant and colorful flowers! This collection of seeds will attract an array of beautiful butterflies, creating a stunning and peaceful atmosphere in your garden. Grow a truly magical and unforgettable experience in your own backyard while supporting the eco-system!

Includes: 18 seed varieties, growing directions. Bag 7.25" high x 3.5".

Flowers. (1) California Poppy, (2) Siberian Wallflower,(3) Perennial Lupine, (4) Tall Blue Cornflower, (5) Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, (6) Purple Cornflower, (7) Dwarf Cosmos, (8) Sweet William Pinks, (9) Gayfeather, (10) Bishop’s Flower, (11) Showy Milkweed, (12) Butterfly Milkweed, (13) Dwarf Godetia, (14) Indian Blanket, (15) Annual Phlox, (16) Plains Coreopsis, (17) Sweet Alyssum, (18) Black-Eyed Susan. 

zones. 4–9 | seed. 14 g | coverage. 125 sq. ft.

By Potting Shed Creations

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